What is Hit/it Assistant?

It is known that the usage of the system positively affects players’ progress between the ages 10 and 16. It also increases motivation since success comes with a repeated workout. The system makes workouts fun. Some workouts in the system have a scoring mechanism that makes competition between players scaleable thus pushing them to the limits.

The system consists of “panels” which are sensitive to hits with Full-color LEDs to give feedback to the player. By default, the system is configured as a circle. There are 3 default configurations:


  • 6.6 meters diameter
  • 8 meters diameter
  • 10 meters diameter

The system is controlled by a computer which also records player data. This data is shown with some basic graphs but also can be exported for further analysis. The following parameters are recorded by the system:

  • Hit count
  • Reaction time milliseconds
  • Ball speed (estimation)
  • Success rate
  • Heart rate


Quick Workout Platform

The system has dedicated workouts to improve skills and also has face-recognition capability to let the players work by themselves.

Surround Control

The system force players effectively control their surrounds thus improve vigilance.


The system forces players to practice more by adding the fun element. So players don’t think that they are training.

What people say

Bir  çok yetiyi bir arada geliştirebilen, maliyet-fayda ilişkisi dengeli, eğlenceli, yerli, teknolojinin futbolda gülen yüzü Hit/it Assistant.

Namet Ateş UEFA A Licence coach. TFF Instructor.

I see Hit/it assistant as a valuable project answering the needs of modern football by allowing trainers to scale technique, speed, agility and reaction time. I personally thank Performa.nz with this quote by waiting for new projects:

The demands of modern football never ends.


Serhat Galimane Football Trainer

Hit/it assistant is a wonderful product allowing us to observe and improve a player’s ball technique, smartness, coordination and surround control.

Dr. Aykut Eren Canüzmez Ege University, School of Physical Education and Sports, Faculty Member


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